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What You'll Learn From My Course

It’s never a bad thing to learn more about a topic or a skill, or learn something new! Especially when it comes to improving your career.

So, what will you learn by signing up for my social media course? Let’s talk about it!

The Audit:

In the social media 101 course, youl not only learn what the audit is, but also the importance, how to perform one, and how to use the information you gain from it.

The audit is the full breakdown of your own social media platforms or a company’s that you work for or who is your client. You will gain information about your audience, those who follow you, and those who engage but haven’t followed yet.

You will learn more about the content you post, what content performs best with your audience, which is the best content types and topics for each platform, what content gets what type of engagement, how often you should be posting (days/times), and more.

The purpose is to understand your audience better. To understand what content is connecting best, and if content is driving traffic. Your audit will guide your initial strategy and continue to help you update your strategy on a quarterly and even month basis.


The Strategy:

Learn everything that you need to know about creating your social media strategy!

Not just what it is, but how to put one together, what you should get out of your strategy, and all the data and info to include. Plus, where to find all that info.

This isn’t just how to build one, for you or your company, but how to build for any job or client you work with. You’ll also receive a step by step guide and a fill-in-the-blank template to get you started on actually building your first strategy.


Content Planning:

Now, after getting through the first 2 core lessons, we move on to content planning!

In this section, we put the strategy to work!

You might think, “Why can’t I just come up with posts the day of?” Well, for 1 reason, this isn’t your personal page. You need to have a point to your content. That point is to provide value to your audience. You also need a CTA.

Yes, there will always be a need, time, and place for ad-hoc. But absolutely not for every post!

You will be too busy for that. Even if you’re not too busy in the beginning, this is why we plan ahead! You don’t know when you’ll be too busy. Do you really want to miss posting because you aren’t planning?

Also, what if you get sick or you’re taking a vacation? Planning ahead and scheduling will be your friend. This is also how you focus on QUALITY. The quality and creativity of your content is going to come more from planning than anything spur of the moment.

And do you know what this course also provides? A CONTENT PLANNING TEMPLATE!

We show you how to be organized and already have a visual setup ready to go.


Last but not least, monthly reporting:

In the last lesson of this course, we’ll dive into analytics. You’ll learn what the data points mean, what you’ll need to collect, and see how this data can help you move forward.

Think of it as very similar to your initial audit. You need to see how you’re doing on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. How else would you know how well your strategy is working? You need to track!

Reporting is important for yourself as well as your boss or clients. They need to know how things are going, but they really need to know how to understand the breakdown. More likely than not, someone who is not doing your specific job, is not going to understand how to read the data points on their own.

This is exactly what your reports do! They break it down and explain. Sign up for the course and also receive tracking templates AND reporting templates too!


The whole goal of this course is to help you improve and grow. I know I wish I could have had these sorts of assets and lessons when I was first starting in my career. That’s exactly why I’m giving them to you!

So, are you ready to check out the course and start learning? Sign up and join now!

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