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Mission and Leadership


Our Mission

Validity Media Solutions is a female-led firm created to help startup brands truly discover who they are and how they want to be perceived in the public-eye. Partnering with Validity Science Communications to create the completed, Validity Communications.


With a passion to help brands amplify their discoveries and services, we believe we are giving a voice to those who need it. We work to broaden public awareness and educate in a more creative and digestible way. VSM was founded by Molly Coyne who strongly believes in the future of a well-informed public and utilizes keen insight and creativity to connect them with your products, people, and research.

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Focused and dedicated to creating a cohesive social and digital experience for life science brands and beyond around the nation, Molly has over a decade of experience in various social media channels. With comprehensive skills and a deep understanding of the KPIs that matter, she strives to out-perform professional goals and industry benchmarks.

Molly Coyne

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With an academic background in cellular and molecular nutritional sciences and entrepreneurial experiences as a scientific writer and marketing consultant, Victoria has developed an understanding of the internal and external machinations behind the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical sciences. She is dedicated to making scientific principles more accessible to the public.

Victoria Frankel

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