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Signs You Need Help with Social Media

Maybe you already know you need help. Of course, we sometimes need help and we’re just not in a place where we can get it yet. If this is you, this article isn’t for you. But, if this is you and you’re already looking for help, give me a call!

If you’re not sure if you need help, or what area you need help with, this is for you. So keep reading.

social media help

Let’s begin with an example.

#1 You’re a social media manager, maybe a freelancer, and you just want to get better.

A social media course would be great for you!

To be specific, this social media course will take you from a beginner in your career, maybe as a community manager, to social media manager and beginner strategist!

To get better at social media, you need to understand not only the basics, but also how to audit platform pages. You also need to understand how to interpret that data and use that to build goals and a plan with. You need to be able to develop a strategy for your pages. The mentioned course should and will provide you with the info and tools you need to do just that and understand it all.


social media coaching

#2 You don’t want or need someone to fully take over, but you do need a bump, help with your strategy, or a guide and teacher.

A coaching plan would be right for you!

With this route, you’re in control, you’re creating, and you’re learning. You’re just being guided.

How often are you being coached?

Typically these meetings are on a weekly to bi-weekly basis. This is so you can sit down, update, and review. You get the chance to ask an expert whatever questions you want. You gain someone to brainstorm and bounce ideas off of, and that person tracks info for you.

Coaches are your backup in a way! We review your data, we can review your content and simply guide you in the right direction. This is truly a great option for small business owners and social media entrepreneurs.


brand consulting for social media

#3 Maybe you need a little more than a coach, but you can still create your own content and manage your channels.

Sounds like a brand consulting plan is a little more your speed.

Consulting plans also come in levels. Lower tier levels get you help with reviews, you get channel and content audits, I’ll review these audits with you, and I’ll also provide helpful templates for you to use to plan and organize.

A middle tier plan includes everything from the lower tier, plus more in-depth reporting which I’ll also review with you.

Last, but not least, the top tier consulting plan. This plan includes everything from previous tiers, plus I’ll provide more strategic direction and content directional help.

One of these plans might be right for you! But, if you’re also not sure which one to choose, that is what a consultation/discovery call is for!


monthly consulting membership

#4 A monthly membership

Working with clients and looking for a second opinion on their channels? Are you a freelancer looking to improve your professional pages, making sure you’re speaking to the right audience, and bringing in more clientele? Do you own a small business and want to improve your social media before you hire someone full time?

A monthly membership would be a great option and give you a well-rounded plan that’s more of the in-between a coaching vs consulting plan!

This monthly membership gets you:

  • New member channel audit (the platform of your choice)

  • Quarterly channel audits

  • Exclusive articles not available to the public

  • Free, downloadable templates

  • And 1 monthly Q&A with me

  • Plus, the option to upgrade for additional training/coaching sessions with me


Any of the above options peak your interest? Interested, but again, not sure which would be right for you? Book your consultation today! Let’s see what we can create together.



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