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Organic VS Campaign

Organic content and social media campaigns are often confusing to many people. Is organic content the same as an ad? Is a campaign a paid ad? What exactly is a campaign? What exactly is organic content?

These are all questions we’ve heard people ask. So what is the difference, are they connected, and how are they connected?

Molly Coyne Validity Communications article

Organic content will always be just that, organic. Your organic content is any and all content that makes up your social media platforms. These are the regular posts that are put out every day or every few days, focused on different topics.

Organic content can also be boosted to increase engagement, but this does not make them ads. Also, to clarify, boosting does not make an organic post an ad. Boosting is simply meant to make content that has already been posted able to reach more of your current followers and potentially reach new people that will want to engage and/or follow you as well.

Paid ads are created for acquisition and conversions. That is the goal in mind. They are created and meant to make money off the money you’re spending to run the ad - the ROI.

A campaign is a collection of ads and content specifically focused on an event, sale, or other specific purpose.

These are the differences. However, even with these differences they can and are connected when we want them to be.


Molly Coyne - validity communications media article

When a specific campaign is happening, you’ll notice a company running ads that have a similar design in connection. These ads will also be promoting the same things.

Examples: Mother’s Day sale, Father’s Day sale, and events that tickets are being sold for.

Organic content CAN be connected to these campaigns without spending money and without the direct goal of sales. But, what would be an example? Content that isn’t telling you to buy anything but is more inspired by the campaign.

But, how are you inspired? If the company is focused on health and is running, say, a Thanksgiving sale, you can focus the content around being thankful for the health of your family. Taking your health seriously and taking control by learning more.

We did mention that organic content would not be about “selling,” which is true. However, you can make your “selling” content based on educating and letting people know they can get a discount for this timeframe. The main point is that the content is not focused on making a sale, but rather educating the audience on the benefits of the products or services and that they should take advantage of a discount while they can.


Molly Coyne - Validity Communications Media Article

When you are writing and creating for a campaign, social content is still very important. Align with the topic! Join in and be a supporting role. The helpful use of organic content for a campaign is education and support.

If you’re still confused because of the use of the word campaign, think about these factors. Campaigns can use many pieces of content as part of the campaign. Blog posts, articles, press releases, website landing pages, and social content (both paid and organic).

People typically need more than just ads to make their decision to buy. This is your opportunity to provide additional insight and education that, in reality, could be the final factor that does make the sale! Additionally, since organic content is in that supportive role, make sure this educational content is provided before the campaign begins to help an initial build up and then continue after it starts. You could call it, “warming up your audience,” before the campaign launches.


On a final note for this article, campaigns do not NEED to be around a sale or event. There can be specific topics that campaigns align with to highlight benefits. Such as a specific benefit that customers have provided feedback on or major news headlines that align with your product/services.

Maybe you want to focus a campaign around mental health! You can do that! Simply connect the dots between the topic, your goal to accomplish with the campaign, the educational components, and the resources you have for that campaign.


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