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Networking On Social Media

Have you ever thought about networking on platforms outside of LinkedIn? Maybe, maybe not.

If you are, great! If not, we highly recommend it, and in this article we’re talking about why!

How can you network on social media?

Of course, LinkedIn is known for being the networking platform. Your profile is basically your public resume that anyone can view and this is the typical way of looking for a job.

LinkedIn allows you to connect with people you may have never met in person, and recruiters can find you when they are trying to hire. It’s a great resource for networking. But, it’s not the only place to network online, and networking isn’t JUST about finding or landing a job.


Now, we know that we go back talking about audience and targeting a lot, but in reality, that’s because it all really does come back to that. As an example, let’s look at Instagram.

There are a ton of networking opportunities on Instagram! Whether you’re looking for colleagues or clientele, you can find them there, as long as they’re within that platform audience of course.

You can also look at Facebook groups as an opportunity! Are there groups you can join for those who are on the same career path, in the same industry, and/or in your niche? Take the chance and join the conversation.


So, once you're on these other platforms, how do you connect?


Follow accounts, engage in the comments, follow along and see how YOU can be an asset to them. But, remember, you won’t be directly connecting with them publicly, it should always be in a direct message. You can begin the engagement publicly, but always take it private when you’re really trying to connect on a more personal/professional level.

And always remember, cater your messaging to them! Don’t sound like a bot or like you’re just messaging as many people as possible, hoping for a response.

Your message to potential clients will and should look different from your message to potential colleagues. And even then should also slightly differ person to person.


Simply put, don’t write resources off just because you’re unfamiliar, it may not be where your audience is, or because it’s not the norm. If you do, you could very well be missing out.

We always need to be networking!

That part never stops, but that’s not a bad thing.

People want genuine connections, personally and professionally, so matter what platform you’re choosing to use.


Now, who are you looking for?

As mentioned, these connections will look different based on the connection you are trying to make.

When I’m looking for clientele, I want to find companies that I feel connected to, that have a product or services that I admire and that’s in my niche, that I would love to work with, and who I think I can help.

On the other side -

When I’m looking for people I want to call friends and colleagues, I’m going to be looking for something different. I would be looking for others in my industry, those who are trying to do what I do. But they don’t have to be in the same niche!

A fantastic part of this kind of networking is you can meet people you may never have before! There are too many people out there that want to look at you like you’re competition, but why? I personally don’t see the point when you can really be colleagues. We work better together than against each other.

We can’t do everything but we can use our talents, connect with companies that need our talents, and refer within our network when those same companies need help in another area. Or a company simply comes to us for a referral for an area we don’t provide services in, you can still refer your colleagues!


Overall, keep networking, keep building your relationships and it’ll only push you farther into success.

Wouldn’t you rather be the person who when another name pops up you can say, “Oh yea, I’ve known them for 20 years!” How do you think those people met each other? NETWORKING.

Maybe you don’t feel like you’re good at it or you feel awkward, or you just don’t know how to take that first step. All you can really do is try, practice, and the more genuine you are and the more practice you get, the better you’ll get.

To help you out, I’ll even take a first step here! If you’re reading this and would like to connect, reach out! I’d love to connect and see how I can even help you out.


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