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Connect and Engage

How do you connect with your audience?

This can be a very interesting question! Because, are you really connecting or do you simply think that you are? The answer could be much simpler than you think.

This question connects back to your messaging, creative assets, content of your page, your company’s voice, and tone. But, how do you know if all of these pieces work together correctly and truly connect with your audience? This takes a deeper dive into reviewing your content and analytics.

Let’s start with your analytics; If you’re gaining followers, most likely, an audience is enjoying your content, but are they interacting with your content?

Interactions can be liking, commenting, sharing, and simply clicking “read more” on longer posts.

Of course, one pretty clear sign is if you AREN’T seeing engagement, you aren’t connecting correctly. Again, of course, this could be due to 1 of 2 reasons.

  • Your content isn’t getting a large enough reach

  • Or…

  • Your content isn’t making the connection you want.

So let’s dive deeper!

If you aren’t seeing a larger reach, you should look into the current and updated information about types of content the platform is pushing out more. I can tell you, Facebook and other channels change A LOT. So by the time you read this, it could have changed. So key tip: Keep up on platform performance needs.

If you are seeing the reach you’re looking for - whether or not you’re boosting posts (we’ll dive into boosting in another blog coming soon!) - but your audience isn’t engaging, it’s time to reassess your content.


It's Time To Reassess

Many people and companies don’t exactly know what it means to reassess their platform content, what they’re looking for, or how to adjust, so if you feel this way, don’t worry! You’re not alone. That’s where we can help. Below are some example questions to ask yourself that will help get you on the right track.

  • Who is your audience?

    • Age, demo, occupation, male/female, location (all can be found directly in your platform analytics)

  • What topics are they interacting with?

    • Is there a difference in what topics, creatives, and/or messaging that people are engaging with?

  • Are there any comments?

    • If yes - what content are the comments on and what are they saying?

  • Are posts being shared?

    • If yes - what posts are people sharing?

  • Are posts getting “reactions” (likes, emoji reactions)?

    • If yes - which reactions and on what posts?

This all may not seem “necessary,” but not only is this necessary, but absolutely essential and worth it! These are the big questions to answer first. This will tell you - who your audience is, who is engaging, what are they engaging with, how are they engaging, what people are enjoying, and what they don’t really care about.

"Success doesn't come from what you occasionally do, it comes from what you do consistently."

Now, although we could go on and on, we just want to settle on a couple tips to go from here. We would tell you what to share, what to say, and so on, but like we’ve talked about before, every company is different. There is no universal solution. However, this is one of the many services Validity Media Solutions provides our clients and we’re happy to work with you on it!

What we can do here is quickly explain what to do with the data points that you collect when answering these questions on your own. Which mainly is connecting the dots, taking the data and asking questions that connect the answers back to your content.

  • Current audience - who is it?

    • Is it your target audience?

      • If not, can you adjust and test to reach your target?

  • Have you found your true audience?

    • Do you need to adjust your content or your audience target?

  • Engaging content -

    • Build on engaging content

    • Stop or adjust what isn’t working to attract engagement

  • How can you use this knowledge to craft new content?

    • Ex: if you want a post to be shared, make your post similar to the type of content people are already sharing from your page.

Like we said, we won’t tell you what to write, when to post, or what creative to use in this blog. We simply encourage you to use the tools and data you're collecting to learn, understand, and benefit. Although, if you do need or want more help, we are always happy to assist. Book a consultation and we’ll be happy to help explain, answer questions you may have, and of course, work with you to find those answers and help create the solutions.


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