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Branding On Social Media

Let’s talk about branding and what that really looks like on social media.

When you think about branding on a social platform, do you only think about the profile picture and the banner image? Maybe, yes for some. Or maybe, you say yes, but also no. But if you think the latter, do you know what else you're thinking about? Most likely you can’t quite put your finger on it, but in reality, that’s the true goal of how you want your social media. A company’s profile picture, banner image, AND content should be “branding.”

Branding On Social Media

Your social media should be telling your brand’s story.

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” - Tom Fishburne

This quote stands the same with branding. The best marketing and the best branding doesn’t feel like marketing or branding.

But first, let’s start with the two obvious branded pieces on your social media platforms, your profile picture, and your banner image.

These 2 pieces will technically feel branded, but that’s the point. These are two very important pieces for your platform. Keeping these branded helps keep you away from “branding” everything else as you’re creating content. These are the pieces that tell people they’re on the correct page without them needing to research and confirm. The last thing you want is for someone to search for your company on social media and be unsure that they found the right page. If someone has to go to your website and click on your social links from there to confirm they’re on the right page, you’ve already lost them. No one is digging that deep unless it’s their job.

So, for your profile image, this is a pretty simple one and should always be your company logo (and stay UPDATED). This way people will know simply by looking at your logo that they’re in the right place. Your banner image (on any platform that allows a banner) should be the banner at the top of your website. Unless there is a specific sale, deal, or promotion that you’re pushing, all of your banners should match. If you are running a promotion, and you want to update your platforms for it as well, just make sure it’s not too “salesly,” that it still makes sense for social media, and would be beneficial to your audience before you plaster it at the top of your page. Otherwise, no one will care and it could simply be annoying to your audience.

Also, some companies like to keep content different by the platform. This should NEVER be applied to your main branding - the profile picture and banner. These assets are what connect your platforms and keep them connected and cohesive. When I see 2 different images for different platforms, I instantly assume I’m on the wrong page for one of them. So just keep it the same!

Now that we’ve covered the two obvious branding assets, let’s move on to what many may not think about. That would be, your company's content. What is your content telling about your brand? Is your content completely different from what the brand reflects? How do you “brand” content without branding it?


Social Media Branding

What is the content telling about your brand?

Your content is a reflection of your company. It tells the story behind your brand and is meant to expand on what is available to learn from the website. Do you have a brand guide?

If you don’t, we highly recommend creating one. The brand guide provides true insight into your company! What matters to your company, the aesthetic feel of imagery, color themes, voice, tone, “who you are” and “who you aren’t.” These may seem small but you’d be surprised at the difference it makes when creating your content and establishing personas.

But, if you don’t have one yet, and now feel like you need one (everyone needs a brand guide), Validity Communications can also help you out!


Is the content completely different from what your brand reflects?

This circles back a little bit to the first question. Are your color themes the same? Are you matching colors and tones and the voice you're speaking to your audience in matching what’s on your website? It should be.


Social Media Branding

How do you "brand" content without branding it?

When we talk about branding your content, we don’t mean adding your logo to every image or video or putting your brand name in every post. That wouldn’t exactly be “branding that doesn’t feel like branding.” No.

  • We mean using creatives that reflect the themes colors (either your company colors or the thematic color scheme/imagery feel from your brand guide).

  • Using a brand voice and tone that is a social friendly reflection of who your brand is.

These are the key focus points for your social media “branding.” You want your audience to instantly connect your page and content back to your brand and website. You can brand blatantly and you can brand subtly. With organic social media, subtle is ALWAYS the better option.

If you’re not sure where to start, how to evolve, or how to simply change, adjust, and see how your social media is doing with this, we are here to help! Book a consultation today and let’s have a chat. If you’d like to learn more on a specific topic, leave a comment below!



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