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"Best Practices" - Platform Messaging

We already discussed“Best Practices” and articles online that cover that topic. However, after beginning with the different channels and finding the channels that are right for your brand, there are many key factors to also take into consideration. Messaging being one of the most important.

Messaging is a point made in many of these articles you’ll find! You’ll learn that you should have the right messaging for your brand, but let’s take a deeper dive into what exactly that means. But, don’t forget! There is no universal “right” messaging. We aren’t here to tell you “use this messaging for these goals.”

What’s right for one company or person might be right for you, but much more likely, it may not be. We are simply here to help guide you towards finding your voice. So… Let’s begin.


What does “the right messaging” mean?

Quote “We often talk about having the right messaging, whether that be on a website, blog post, emails, or social media, but what does this mean?”

This is referring to how you portray your company, if it’s the correct way for your company, and how you want to represent your mission, vision, values, and what your company does. Your messaging is your voice!

A great place to start is asking yourself some key questions when creating new content. Is your audience going to do any of the following while reading your content?:

  1. Will they understand why you’re talking about?

  2. Will they be intrigued by the topic or content?

  3. Is it attention grabbing and will it make people think?

  4. Is it going to achieve the goal of the post?

    1. Gain engagement through likes, comments, and/or shares?

    2. Gain/boost Followers

    3. Drive your audience to a landing page

    4. Drive a platform audience to another

These questions are what you should be asking when developing your content.


Is the content you’re creating getting pushed to a larger audience?

The answer to this question has a lot to do with the platform you’re posting on and the engagement you’re receiving. For a quick example, the more engagement a post receives, the more it’s getting pushed out! The platform sees this content as intriguing to people and allows more people to see it. That’s a big reason to get your audience engaged!

However, to get content engagement, the platform needs to be happy with your content as well. Below are some examples of what we mean:

  1. Facebook: This is the channel that really values the quality of your content. Quality content on Facebook is educational, informative, and provides benefit in some way to your audience.

  2. Instagram: This channel is more based on engagement. If your audience is engaging with the content you’re posting, that is when your reach will increase. Instagram is also the main channel for hashtags and tagging! You need to be discoverable, relevant, interesting, and if you can tag other pages with a larger audience, TAG!

  3. Twitter: The fastest moving channel and the most difficult to build. Don’t feel bad if it takes a while! A few big tips are to consistently use relevant hashtags, tag other pages, share content through “quote retweets,” and interact with pages with a higher following. Stay active, stay consistent, find your Twitter voice, and engage to drive growth!

While using all the key points listed above, make sure your content stays on-brand and ideal to your voice. All your hard work goes out the window if your audience doesn't understand what you do or isn’t interested. Tell your audience why they should care and/or how your product or service can benefit them.


Discovering the answers to these points can absolutely help improve or create the right messaging for your company. The right messaging brings in the right audience. The right audience may not be your target audience, but if it’s not, this is how you learn who needs your brand!


Not sure how to find the answers or what the answers could even be for your company?Contact us now and we'll be more than happy to help you figure them out.

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