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The Niche Advantage

And Targeting Success

How do you actually find your niche? If you're like me, you might have struggled with this because of all the options there are out there. Maybe you still do. This is normal! That's why I've made this whole article about it. So let's talk about it!

For me, I'm the type of person who never really wanted to niche down. I felt like I would get too bored if I had to choose a niche to narrow into. But in reality, that was actually narrow thinking.

What I realized later was that I wasn't understanding the full spectrum of what a niche could truly be. I didn't really understand that you could find your niche and not get bored. I also didn't totally realize that your niche can incorporate different audiences to still bring diversity.

Maybe you're also still figuring out your niche, which, especially in that case, keep reading!


Finding your niche truly is a crucial part of any business.

It would be weird if a skincare company suddenly started trying to sell clothing too, right? Makeup might make sense, like, here's your great skincare routine, now here's a great foundation that's not going to ruin your skin!

If you're an agency, that works with clients, people want to know what type of clients you work with, who you have experience with and what services you offer. Are you a photographer? What style do you do? What kind of shoots do you work with? How long have you worked in that industry?

Your niche is your audience.


However, on top of that.

For those who aren't sure about niching services or industries, this is where and how I discovered my niche and created variety within. Because trust me, I get bored too.

I worked for an agency before I started my own business and one thing I learned and truly took away from that, was the industries I DO NOT want to work with again.

To quickly clarify, nothing against those industries, and I won't get specific, it just simply showed me there wasn't enough variety within them for me.

But niching down does not always mean you can only work with one industry! What can mean working with one industry is working for someone else where you're forced into their niche and not your own. You have a choice now! In the beginning, I still thought I had to. I also thought if I chose a niche I needed to choose one type of client to go after.

Of course, you can do that, but you don't have to!

I know people who only work with photographers, only work with wedding vendors, only work with restaurants, and they are very successful. For me, I chose two classes, two groups: Small businesses and starting entrepreneurs.


Niche might sound like a constraint, and that's exactly what I'm trying to explain it doesn't have to be.

My niche/audience is small businesses and entrepreneurs. But that dos not limit me necessarily to a TYPE outside of what I already narrow it down to.

Overall, it's knowing what you want to offer and what you're passionate about. I also believe down the line you can either change your niche and rebrand or create a whole new brand for yourself and expand.

Don't ever think that what you choose now is where you're stuck. Especially starting out, you'll most likely find that your niche, audience, services, or something about your overall business will change as you learn!

Don't be afraid to learn. Don't be afraid to test. Don't be afraid to grow.


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