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How To Properly Use Video Content On Social Media

With so many options out there, how do you choose what to do and what to use?

One great thing about so many options is exactly that! You have options to test different content on and can play around with the different editing options available.

So let’s jump into those options and how you can use them to work WITH you and not AGAINST you.

Option #1 - YouTube (Starting with the OG)

YouTube is where it all began. Starting with longer form content, YouTube became the new source to discover talent (yes like Justin Bieber), and the beginning of influencers (like the one we will forever miss - Jenna Marbles). However, back before TikTok, influencers were simply called YouTubers.

But we have evolved, just like social media will continue to do and should!

Yes, it still has influencers. But, now brands can use this as a source as well, rather than just having YouTubers review or talk about their service or product. But don’t worry, if you’re a brand wanting to use YouTube, you don’t need to look, sound, or act like an influencer. There are plenty of options!

One option, for example, may be getting creative and using YouTube to upload a brand commercial. Luckily, you don’t need to have a commercial on tv anymore for it to be seen. You can also outsource and use the influencers out there to your advantage. Let them give you a review!

If you want to create a podcast or already have one and want to add a video aspect, this is also the best platform option.

The last thing we’ll touch on here is simply using YouTube to host your content to promote on other channels. You can easily list videos as “unlisted,” which means no one will be able to search the video and you have more control over who can see it and when. “Unlisted” will only be seen by anyone who you provide the link to. So add it to your emails, Instagram bio if you want, or post a snippet with the link to other platforms you want to drive viewers from.


Option #2 - Instagram (The platform with many options)

Instagram has several great options! Upload short-form videos as a normal post, create videos to add to your stories, create reels, and even create new reels out of the stories you’ve posted.

Instagram has worked to stay at the top of the competition and they’re still doing a great job.

You can adjust, edit small details, change up the layout, edit timing, add multiple pieces of content into one video, and add music. We love Instagram here.


Option #3 - Additional but regular platforms

These platforms we’re about to mention are not necessarily made or meant to edit or improve your video content. They are pretty much there to help create sneak peeks, or to have an additional audience to share to.

These channels are Facebook and Twitter.

We don’t really care to recommend Twitter unless you are in the political or celebrity space. These channels are really simply meant to provide sneak peeks, preview content, and to cross-promote and drive traffic to your other platforms. Otherwise, we don’t have too many details to go into, so let’s jump to the next option!


Option #4 - TikTok (newest but largest and most trendy)

We all know TikTok is big, that’s obvious to everyone on AND off TikTok. Because it is so big, everyone’s impression is that they need to be on TikTok in some way. They need to reach that audience, and they need to be advertising. For some brands, absolutely! It can work, they have the content for it, and they should be posting. It makes sense.

For others…absolutely not. But before you say, why shouldn’t I? Why wouldn’t I be on TikTok? That makes no sense that a company wouldn’t be on TikTok! Let us explain.

One pretty obvious reason answers itself - are you on it? Probably not. Why aren’t you on TikTok yet? Don’t have the content or Don’t have someone who’s posting? Ding ding ding!

We don’t always recommend TikTok to companies at first, or even at all, and this is the main reason why. As tech and social media have evolved, our attention spans have also become much, much shorter. TikTok even created the option to post 10 minute videos, but we rarely see people using it, let alone watching the whole video.

Large creators, who get millions of views, have even addressed the 10 minute video option saying they have the new feature but they don’t think they’d ever use it.

However, don’t let us necessarily scare you away from TikTok, it’s still a great option as long as you have the content and the time!

If you want to use TikTok, but are running into this issue, here is what we DO suggest.

  • Partner with influencers - they can produce the content for you and distribute to a larger audience.

  • How-to videos, promos, previews, and skit commercials.

Our biggest recommendation is to NOT have TikTok just because you think you need it. Before you start trying to develop this as a platform, ask yourself:

  • How can we use TikTok?

  • What content do we have for it?

  • Is anyone willing to be on it and in front of the camera for our content?

  • Do we have enough content to stay consistent?

If you can answer these questions positively, great! You’re ready to start building your channel strategy and content plan! However, if your answers are no or not yet, then just wait. It’s ok to wait!

Create your strategy, plan the type of content you would like to create, decide how you would want to use the channel, make sure you’ll be able to create content consistently, then begin building your content library when you’re ready to start there. It will be much easier and more successful when you're prepared and ready than if you’re just throwing random videos up when you can.


Option #5 - “Going Live” (Choosing one platform or multiple at once to go “live” for your following)

Going live does not need to be on a set schedule but it can be! Some ideas for going live would be Q&A’s, promotions, interviews, or announcements to engage and interact.

If you do choose to “go live,” what can make this much easier is having the specified person going live and then having brand moderators. These moderators (also known as mods) can help filter questions, necessary comments, help track time, remove unnecessary comments (vulgar, rude, etc.), and keep everything organized.


Now that we’ve covered many different options, we’ll close with this.

With so many options, simply choose the platforms that will be the best for your brand and audience. Create your strategy for the content, a plan for your content, the types that you’ll be focused on, and a schedule you’ll stay on.

So to reiterate, prepare! The more prepared you are when you launch, the easier it will be for you to keep up.


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